Kerala boasts of a rich and interesting history. The regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu was collaboratively known as Tamilakam in the early times. There are many legends and myths associated with the history of Kerala. According to the legends the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Parasuram threw his axe near Gokarnam, The sea retrested back from where the axe was thrown and formed the exotic land of Kerala.

The ancient Cherans along with the Pallavas exerted their influence on Kerala from their capital Vanch between the 8th and 14th centuries. The word Kerala was first found in Aitareya Aranyaka Sanskrit epic. With the encouragement of Chera kings, the traders of West Asia established trade posts and settlements in Kerala. Thomas the Apostle visited the Muziris region of Kerala to convert the ancient settlers of Kerala.

Muslim merchants came to Kerala by 8th century CE. Portugese people exercised their control over Kerala, after Vasco Da Gama’s expedition in 1498.

Later on the Dutch people ousted the Portuguese. Hyder Ali of Mysore’s captured northern part Kerala in 1766. His son Tipu Sultan launched many campaigns on the Kerala terrain against the dominance of British East India Company on southern India. As a result Kerala became witness to several Anglo-Mysore Wars. Many rebellions against the British Raj occurred in the following years. The names of rebellions like Pazhassi Raja and Kunjali Marakkar have to carved in golden words. Travancore and Cochin were jointly formed in July 1, 1949 and declared as Travancore-Cochin. The state of Kerala was formed in November 1, 1956 by the Indian government. The regions include Travancore-Cochin, Kasargod taluk and South Kanara. Kerala election was first organized in 1957. here is  best kerala tour package to visit kerala.